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Exclusive: Faryal Mehmood and Gohar Rasheed to star in 7th Sky Entertainment’s next

The first time we took notice of Faryal Mehmood was in the Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s play Laal Ishq which showed what an immensely talented actress she was. With her ability to mold herself in every character she decides to take on, Faryal is definitely someone to look out for this year.

We’re currently loving her in Baba Jani and Babban Khala Ki Betiyaan and are also looking forward to seeing her on the big screen in Senti aur Mental. The talented actress is also making waves with her character in the Wajahat Rauf web series, Enaaya and has recently signed a new play with non other than Gohar Rasheed.

So wanting to get a few details we contacted Faryal and below is what she was able to share with us at the moment,

“The play is being directed by Siraj ul Haq and is being produced by 7th Sky Entertainment.”

Shan Baig Nikkah Pictures Exclusive

Faryal also revealed that Mikaal Zulfiqar will also be on board and she’ll be paired opposite Gohar.

“Gohar was the one who got me my first play , so this is very special to me,” said Faryal speaking of her off screen friend with whom she’s intent on sharing a good on screen chemistry as well.

Adding further, Faryal said, “I love his work and just as I suspected the chemistry is off the hook! We have been friends for five years since I came to Pakistan from New York and he was the one friend who always believed in me . I love him to bits.”

With us loving the close bond they share, we are sure that this will help them to portray their characters on screen with perfection and with Siraj being the director we have a feeling that this will become a drama which we will be watching weekly for sure.

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